Asymmetric Catalysis

In recent years, the field of visible light catalysis has garnered significant attention from chemists, thanks to its numerous benefits, such as a broad range of energy sources, mild conditions, and ease of operation. As the development of visible light catalysis systems has progressed, visible light-induced asymmetric catalytic reactions have also been developed and applied to a certain degree, thus becoming an effective method for synthesizing chiral compounds. In 2017, our group successfully achieved the asymmetric enantioselective oxidation of β-ketonates catalyzed by photoredox/nickel catalysis. Since then, we have combined photocatalysis with asymmetric transition metal catalysis (copper, cobalt, palladium, etc.) and asymmetric organic catalysis to construct a series of highly valuable center chiral and axial chiral compounds. We believe that these strategies represent a new avenue for catalytic asymmetric synthesis.