Group Meeting Schedule 2014

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  Chemical building 703(Guests Welcome to Attend)    

  Begins at 18:00 afternoon, unless otherwise stated.    


Feb. 21 Total Syntheses of (−)-Pyrimidoblamic Acid and P‑3A

Xia Xudong

Mar. 21 Free-Radical Carbonylations Involving CO —— Then, Now and Future             Guo Wei
Apr. 25 Polyoxometalates(POM) and Decatungstate Catalyzed Photoredox Reaction Feng Zhujia
Jun. 20 Manganese(III) Mediated Radical Reactions Feng Bin
July. 25 Radicals in Nickel Catalyzed Reactions? Nickel Catalyzed Radical Reactions? Wang Qiang
Sept. 12 Catalytic Allylic C-H Functionalization Reactions Promoted by Sulfoxide Li Tianren


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 concerning group meeting dates.


Group Meeting Library

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Nitrene Chemistry in Organic Synthesis

Wang, Qiang

Redox-Active Ligands in Catalysis

Xia, Xudong

Total Synthesis of Azaspiracid-1

An, Xiaolei

Catalytic C-H Amination

Yang, Qingqing



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